Experiata is expert at guiding clients through the Customer Experience Gap toward better customer alignment that results in increased share of business and loyalty.

Our work is founded on the following four core beliefs:



1.   Customer experience drives loyalty.


• Customer experiences drive Share of business, and how often customers recommend you to their colleagues.


2.   Improvement requires systemic change.


• Companies can’t develop a sustainable competitive advantage unless customer feedback drives service refinement, and these changes are embedded into the day to day operations of the company.


3.   It’s a journey, not a project.


• Building the capabilities to consistently delight customers takes time and commitment to a plan that guides the journey.


4.   Experiata can help you make a difference.


• We have a proven, practical approach to understanding customer behavior, helping clients set priorities to improve customer alignment, and guiding them to embed required change throughout their organization.

How about a new perspective?

Typically, there is a significant gap between management’s perceptions

of a customer’s experience and the customer’s reality.



Bain & Company recently surveyed almost 400 companies and found 80 percent believed they delivered a "superior experience" to their customers...



When they asked customers from these companies about their own perceptions,

only 8 percent of companies were rated as delivering a superior experience.



The Customer Experience Gap between customer and company perceptions sets up a perfect storm of potential defections and low share of  business because management can’t rectify problems they don’t identify and quantify.



Meet the Customer Experience Gap.

Today, customers have abundant choice for products and services.



Companies spend millions to show how their product or service is different from their competitor’s.


However in a competitive market, where customer choice is abundant,

companies often miss a vital factor in gaining new customers and increasing loyalty.


Simply put, the experiences customers have with your organization can be the determining factor affecting loyalty and how much of their business you earn.


Why Experiata

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