It's a journey, not a project.

MODEL is a seamless integration

through its five components:


Measure   Organize   Design    Engage    Listen

The MODEL Customer Alignment System is a step-by-step

process to achieve your business objectives.


Focus is placed on growth with current customers and attracting prospects,

making MODEL perfect for any company.



Determine your starting point.


Measure establishes the starting point for a customer alignment journey.


Measure has two interrelated viewpoints “What” and “Why” that provide insight into customer experiences.


The What is Sales Analysis.


Experiata has deep experience in sales analysis, including share of business evaluations, progress against goals and customer loyalty trends. Our methods quantify how a customer’s experience impacts their sales related behavior.


The Why explains the What


Our Experience Monitors measure customer experience during the process of interacting with a supplier.  Analysis of these experiences provides insights into why customers behave the way they do.  We directly link this insight to the share of business that is earned business with customers.


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Identify the destination.


Organize is where clients begin their planning to increase customer alignment.



Our Customer Alignment Workshop helps companies organize their thinking based upon sales analysis and customer insights from the Experience Monitors to identify priorities for improving service delivery.






Experiata can also provide Account Planning software that incorporates customer experience measurements into the planning framework.

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Implement the best practices.


Design maps the journey from company priorities to improved customer experiences that are embedded into the company’s day to day operations; designing the best practices for enhanced customer experiences.


Outstanding customer alignment never happens by accident.


It requires thinking from the customer’s perspective, and embedding all the required elements that enhance customer experience into the company’s go to market approach.


Experiata uses design tools such as Service Blueprinting and Customer Journey Mapping to help clients create, develop and test improved ways of delivering enhanced customer experience.


We have the experience and know how to get you focused, and embed the changes throughout your organization that will improve customer alignment.


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Change the conversation with your customers.



The Engage step focuses on implementing redesigned service across all customer touch points to achieve alignment.


During Service Blueprinting, companies often realize they are not aligned with how customers want to buy and interact with a supplier.  Changing the conversation and showing up differently with customers is a business imperative if you are to maximize word of mouth economics and earn loyalty.



We’ll show you how.



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Stay on course.


Listen represents the process of ongoing review of customer alignment.


There are two components of Listen:



First is within the company where managers and subordinates review customer account plans (if implemented), progress toward goals and discuss any unresolved customer issues that reduce loyalty and share of business.


Second is between sales reps/account managers and their customers.  We recommend this occur at least once per sales cycle.  Using many of the same experiences that are assessed in the Measure step the account manager and customer discuss any performance concerns that are present.  Assuming an Account Plan has been developed, this is also reviewed and planning for the next year begins.


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