Without measurement there is no improvement.

Our Experience Monitors help companies to listen, understand and effectively act on customer feedback.

Become better aligned with customers and employees to increase share of business and loyalty.

Customer Experience Monitor™

The Customer Experience Monitor™ program will help you manage the key customer experiences that lead to a sustainable competitive advantage and customer loyalty.


Positive customer experiences increase your odds of loyalty, category penetration and revenue growth.  Negative experiences create dissatisfied clients who look elsewhere to satisfy their needs, and who will not recommend you.


The Customer Experience Monitor™ will help:


• Identify the customer experiences that drive loyalty and share of business.

• Quantify your performance on these key customer experiences.

• Benchmark your strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors.

• Develop a process for ongoing measurement of customer experiences following contact with your company.

• Create standards for future delivery of customer experience.

• Generate feedback from individual customer that can be used for one-on-one follow-up and account planning


Retailer Experience Monitor™

Retailers often carry similar brands, providing a strong choice for customers.


With their day to day customer contact retailers are vital to closing the sale for you.  What experiences they have with your products, people and policies impact the endorsement they give your product or service at the Moment of Truth with customers.


Enter our Retailer Experience Monitor™.


Experiata can accurately measure retailer experiences and quantify how strongly your retail partners are prepared to endorse your brand with customers.


Once retailer experience is measured, we work with you and your channel partners

using MODEL to identify and remove barriers to retailer engagement.

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Employee Engagement Monitor

Do your employees recommend your company as a place to work?


Employees who won’t recommend the company likely won’t create loyal customers that in turn recommend you to other potential customers.



This is where our Employee Engagement Monitor comes in.


Experiata measures a deep deck of employee experiences to understand how these relate to their willingness to recommend the company.   We provide excellent insights to employers on how they can grow their business by managing the experiences that impact employees.



Using MODEL, we help companies become better aligned with their employees

which create the necessary environment to create Promoter customers.

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