"We will help you see, think and act... with a new perspective."

Service Blueprinting

Services represent the largest portion of our economy.  Given their central role in satisfying customer needs it is unfortunate service is often delivered in an ad hoc, inconsistent manner.  Consequently, customers are often underwhelmed at the point of contact with the company supplying the service.


 We can do better.


Service Blueprinting is part of MODEL’s "Design" step to increase customer alignment at the point of contact.  Unless service is elevated above ad hoc delivery to strategic intent, customer alignment will suffer.  And the inevitable result is less share of business and loyalty.


To achieve consistent, amazing customer experiences, services must be designed with the end user in mind, and the resulting process’ need to be embedded into the “company way” of doing business.  Our Service Blueprinting expertise will help you see service from your customer’s point of view.  This viewpoint lets you identify gaps in your current service and opportunities for new service as you better understand your customer’s journey of satisfying their needs.


Expect significant “ah ha” moments leading to real change as you blueprint how your customers interact with your company.

Customer Alignment Workshops

Our Customer Alignment Workshops ensure clients understand the feedback they receive from customers, and help to set priorities, create action plans, refine service delivery and embed required change within their organization.


We can’t deny this is hard work.




The Workshops are dynamic, collaborative and sometimes controversial sessions.


Experiata facilitators are experienced in helping clients dig deep into why they earn the business they do and what they can do about it.



We will help you see, think and act with a new perspective to help you achieve what you want to achieve.


Customer Advisory Panels

Hear the views of select customers first hand.


Our Customer Advisory Panels are a forum for the customer's voice.




The forum is an excellent complement to the Customer Experience Monitor or Retail Engagement Monitor, and helps fine tune initiatives, products and service delivery that are being considered following a Customer Alignment Workshop.


Depending on the needs of our clients, members of the Customer Advisory Panel can range in value, loyalty or other segmentation to maximize the actionable value of the dialogue.



These services and more surround MODEL, our Customer Alignment System.

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